“I Told My Suitcase There Will Be No Holiday This Year. Now I’m Dealing with Emotional Baggage”


In a year unprecedented by travel restrictions and pandemic outbreaks, many plans were unceremoniously dumped on the tarmac. The disappointment of cancelled trips is one thing, but coping with the emotional fallout from these changes is a different story. Some may find humor in the phrase, "I told my suitcase there will be no holiday this year. Now I’m dealing with emotional baggage," but beneath the laughter lies a bitter truth. The yearning for escapism, the joy of anticipation, the thrill of exploration – all bottled up inside our grounded suitcases. Let’s unpack this emotional load together.

Assessing the Emotional Impact of Cancelled Travel Plans

It’s no secret that travel can serve as a cure for the mind and soul. The excitement of a forthcoming holiday can often be just the tonic we need amidst our daily grind. Yet, when we have to tell our suitcases that our well-planned getaways have been cancelled, we’re left dealing with a sense of loss and disappointment. We’re not just missing out on the exotic food, the sandy beaches or the historic sights; we’re being deprived of an experience, a memory that was to be made.

A cancelled trip can feel like a dream deferred, leaving us to deal with feelings of frustration and sadness. It’s like being stuck on a runway with no takeoff in sight. The anticipation of exploring new locales, meeting new people, and getting away from the routine – all suddenly grounded. This pile-up of emotions can weigh heavier than any overstuffed suitcase. After all, the sexiest parts of travelling, the thrill, the adventure, the intimacy of shared experiences, have all been stripped away.

Navigating the Unexpected Emotional Baggage of a Grounded Suitcase

Facing these emotions head-on can be as daunting as a long-haul flight. But just like navigating through a crowded airport, coping with the feelings tied to cancelled travel plans is not impossible. It’s essential to acknowledge the disappointment and allow ourselves the time to grieve. Just as we would deal with lost luggage, we must deal with these emotions – we can’t just ignore them like a pesky travel agent trying to sell us timeshare.

One way to lighten this emotional load is to find humor in the situation. It’s just like being in a turbulent flight – it can be scary, but often, the best way to handle it is to laugh it off. Tell your suitcase a funny joke, make a humorous comment about your grounded plans, or even share a laugh with others about this shared predicament. Humor can be a wonderful coping mechanism, helping us to deal with our emotional baggage in a healthy and constructive way.

Another method is to focus on planning future trips. Take solace in the fact that although your suitcase is grounded now, it won’t be forever. Dream up your next adventure, get excited about the places you’ll visit and the memories you’ll create. By looking forward to what’s ahead, we can start to unpack our emotional baggage and prepare our suitcases for the exciting journeys to come.


Dealing with the emotional fallout of cancelled travel plans is like navigating through uncharted territory. It’s okay to grieve the lost experiences, the unmade memories, and the sexy thrill of travelling. Remember, it’s not just about the destination, but the journey. By finding humor in the situation and looking forward to when our suitcases can take flight again, we can begin to unpack our emotional baggage and set our adventure-starved spirits free. After all, every grounded suitcase has a journey ahead.